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Abruzzo Casa: houses with a view of the sea, hills and the mountains!

Abruzzo Casa offers guidance and services in the search, purchase, new construction or renovation of a house in Abruzzo. Both for purchase and also for renting.

Abruzzo Casa is a Dutch company, with local presence in Abruzzo, Italy.

Your consultant for the purchase of houses and / or renovations in Abruzzo, Italy

Nathanja van Beem from Abruzzo Casa explains what makes a second home in Italy so special….

Abruzzo Casa offers you:

  • Dutch guidance.
  • Local Italian expertise in the field of renovation, regulations and permits.
  • We help you to find your dream house within budget.
  • Legal, fiscal financial and construction advice.
  • Engineering services for your entire construction project (including total solutions, building plans and permits process).
  • New construction: we offer new construction projects (apartments) that are for sale from design, as well as the possibility to design and realize your dream house completely according to your own wishes.
  • Dutch-language Project Management for renovation or renovation.
  • Reliable local partners for the implementation of your renovation.
  • The management of your home in Abruzzo (for cleaning, key delivery, technical management or rental)
  • Information about the many possibilities of subsidies for the purchase, renovation and start-up of activities in your house in Abruzzo.
  • Services for renting out your 2nd home for a good return.
  • A selected range of properties in Abruzzo that we know ourselves and have already checked.
  • We have a very wide range of properties in Abruzzo, not everything is on our website, but we search for the right range of houses that meet your needs!


The region is on the rise with tourists who want more than just sun and sea. Abruzzo offers peace, sun, sea, beach and mountains, a rich history, art and culture, small authentic villages and towns, delicious food, friendly people and a beautiful nature with national parks and vast beaches … Abruzzo is still authentic and affordable. Easy to travel through the (cheap) flights including Ryan Air, directly to Pescara, Ancona or Rome.


Netherlands branch: +31. (0) 6 518 28 213

Pescara branch, Italy: +39. 328 785 2796

Or mail to:

Nederlandse begeleiding door Nathanja van Beem
Nederlandse begeleiding door Nathanja van Beem
Abruzzo 16/03/2019