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Subsidy opportunities and Fiscal facilities specifically for Regio Abruzzo

The Abruzzo Region would like to attract foreign investors, private individuals who buy houses, as well as entrepreneurs to Abruzzo. They say that this has a positive effect on the economy and employment for the people in Abruzzo

That is why all kinds of subsidies and tax facilities have been made available to help people buy a house, renovate and set up a business in Abruzzo. On this page there is an overview of the possibilities, of course we have to look specifically depending on the situation what arrangements and options are available for your plan and house that you have in mind.

Fiscally, the millionaire scheme, pension scheme and the new-residents scheme are the most interesting for foreigners who come to live in Italy.

Subsidy for financing the purchase

The region enables to finance the purchase, in addition to a piece of own financing from the buyer, at 0% interest over a term of 30 years. This subsidy depends on a number of criteria.

Renovation financing

Depending on your business plan, various subsidies are available. Subsidy is In any case possible on air-conditioning and solar panels (that applies in general), but also on the costs of a renovation. This specific renovation subsidy is usually made available every year, and always has the purpose of tourist development of a certain area. There is a certain period window in which the application can be submitted. The granting of the renovation subsidy is based on a number of points that your application receives (based on activities, location, and details of the applicant). It is possible to receive a maximum of 50 – 65% of the renovation costs as a subsidy.

Subsidy opportunities 16/03/2019