Buying your dreamhouse in Italy, corona-proof, in 5 steps!

Buying your dreamhouse in Italy, corona-proof in 5 steps!  (oktober 2020)

First of all: at this moment there are NO entry restrictions for EU countries. For United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Csech Republic, there are only TEST-restrictions when entering Italy. These tests can be done at arrival at an Italian airport, results within 30 minutes, or you go to the local health-agency within 48 hours.

However, if you feel more comfortable at staying at home, relaxing at your couch, you can still do househunting from a distance, from your own home!! So you have your dreamhouse in the Italian hills or close to the sea, to stay safe and enjoy Italy!

Buying your house in Italy, Corona-proof, in 5 steps! How does that work?

  1. You have a look at the website of Abruzzo Casa Italy ( or Italian Property International ( You will find articles, houses, and information about the different regions, and general information about house hunting and buying a house in Italy. When you have an idea about which area or region you like most, have a look at the example houses we present on these websites. In this way you get an idea about prices and type of houses available.
  2. Fill in our free househunting form. Please do not feel limited only by the houses that are presented. Of course these houses are on sale, and we can provide you with extra information about these houses. But if you do not find your “dreamhouse” at first sight, we are happy to help you searching in Italy to find what you look for! Just feel in the contact form, and a short description of what you are looking for. We offer a FREE househunting option: based on your description we will send you new houses in portfolio on our websites, as soon as they are available. So you will always be informed.
  3. When you are sure you want to buy a house in Italy, we also offer a PAID househunting option:
    1. We will organize a FREE Zoom Call to get to know each other and to fully understand your needs and wishes for your house in Italy.
    2. After this FREE Zoom Call, you can decide to go further for the paid option. For a small amount (just to cover our startup costs) we help you with your househunting in Italy, and we propose a number of houses to you, according your specifications (if of course they are reasonable and achievable… )
    3. When we find a proper house for you, and you also like the house, we will visit the house for you. So that means you can stay at home, we will go there and we make photos and video recordings. At the time of the visit we can also organise a whatsapp-video call, so you can REALLY VIRTUALLY VISIT the HOUSE!!! (that is another thing as the virtual visitings that some agencies are offering, what practically is no more than a 3D view of some photo’s…) We will do the REAL visit, and you can join the visit LIVE. (assuming Italy is NOT in lockdown at the time …)
    4. We also agree that when you buy a house, we act as your buying agent in relation to the selling agent. By doing this, normally you do not have to pay commission to the selling agent anymore, a right that Italian agencies have, they normally also ask commission from the buying clients. When we act as your buying agency, you know that we represent your interests by buying a house that is good, and to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards. When you find your dreamhouse and you buy it, the startup costs will be deducted from the commission costs. The commission you have to pay anyway, and in this way we also offer the househunting part AND we represent your interests. In this way you have someone who can really be independent towards the house you are interested in, someone who works for you, giving you a realistic picture of the house and the risks, and someone who can help you with the contract of the bid, adding the proper conditions for you in the contract.
  4. Buying your dreamhouse in Italy. When you have found your dreamhouse in Italy (maybe you have found it by yourself, or we found it for you) you might want to buy this house to realize your dreams en start a new future in lovely Italy. As an official real estate agency, we can take care of the whole process of buying for you! We are familiar with the local rules (and habits), as an international agency we fully understand the international needs and expectations, the level of service and way of working you are used at. And by having an official licence for Italy, our personal experience of living in Italy, and our cooperation with our local Italian signalers and co-workers, collaboration with all kind of Italian agencies, technicians, engineers, lawyers, banks and government institutes we are also aware of the Italian regulations and habits and we can offer you a smooth and effective way of working. When you wish to come over to see the house yourself, you can come over (as long as there are no entry restrictions). When you prefer staying at home, we will visit the house with you by videoconferencing.
  5. The deed at the notary and the house is yours! For the final deed at the notary you can choose: either coming over to Italy for the signing, or you use an authorization. The authorization can be done by your local notary in the country where you live, and has to be send to the notary in Italy. We will discuss the content of the deed with you in advance (of course), you take care of the payment for the house, the deed is signed,

and you just bought your dreamhouse in Italy!!


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