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Our services

Abruzzo Casa: Your house in the green heart of Italy, where the mountains, hills and the sea come together.

Purchase guidance.

Abruzzo Casa gives you English-speaking guidance in the search and purchase of your (second) house in Italy. For the Abruzzo region and southern parts of the Marche we also offer home improvement support. Next to that, we can help renting out or managing your house in Abruzzo.

We can support you with a wide range of services such as your mortgage application, purchase inspection on both technical as well as legal aspects We can also discuss the tax possibilities that both the UK and Italy offer. If you want to start a business in Italy, we also offer you the regional information and standards for, for example, the start-up of an agriturismo or a Bed & Breakfast. We are happy to put you in touch with our partner advisors for personalized advice.

Services together with our partners:

We work together with local specialists. such as an engineer (geometra), contractors, accountants / tax specialists (commercialista), people specializing in subsidies, gardeners, cleaning companies, women who give cooking courses about the typical authentic Abruzzo cuisine, and a language institute to learn Italian locally.

Get to know Abruzzo better

To get acquainted with the beautiful and upcoming Abruzzo region, we regularly post messages about sights and events in Abruzzo on our Facebook page.

We can also offer you apparttments for rent, so that you can discover the region and together with us you can already visit some houses. You can also take part in an excursion, workshop, training or event to further discover Abruzzo.

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