Abruzzo Casa: properties with a sea view, hills and mountains!

Your advisor and real estate agent for buying property and/or renovations in Abruzzo (Italiy) Nathanja van Beem of Abruzzo Casa Italy explains what makes a second home in Ital so special …

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The region is booming with tourists who want more than just sun and sea. Abruzzo offers peace, sun, sea and mountains, a rich history, art and culture, small authentic villages and towns, delicious food, friendly people and beautiful nature with national parks and extensive beaches…. Abruzzo is still authentic and affordable. Easy to travel through the (cheap) flights from Ryan Air, among others, directly to Pescara, Ancona or Rome.

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"I am very happy with the personal guidance from Abruzzo Casa in our search for a second home in Abruzzo region in Italy. Thanks to Abruzzo Casa we could buy our house in a safe way!"

Gent (Belgium)

"Abruzzo Casa offered excellent work, designing the restructuration or our house in Italy. They organized all the necessary permits and finally helped realizing the restructuring! Without the local knowledge and the guidance in my own language, we could not have done that!"