Entering Italy from a red area in Europe (The Nederlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom)

Entering Italy from a red area in Europe (oktober 2020)

(United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Czech Republic):

If you have been in one of the above countries in the 14 days prior to entering Italy (after a stay or even just transit only), in addition to the usual self-declaration, you must also:

• Provide a statement that you have undergone a molecular or antigenic test conducted with a cotton swab and a negative result in the 72 hours prior to entry into Italy;


• undergo a molecular or antigenic test, to be carried out using a cotton swab, upon arrival at the airport, port or border point, if possible,

• or within 48 hours of entering Italy at the local health service (ASL) at your place of residence in Italy. You will remain in “home” quarantine while waiting to undergo this test.

Beside that:
1. Report your arrival to Italy immediately to the prevention department of the competent health authority for the area (ASL), even if you have no symptoms.

2. If COVID-19 symptoms occur, report the situation immediately to the ASL health authority, using the appropriate telephone numbers and go to home quarantine.


How does that work in practice?

Arrival by plane:

Upon arrival at the airport in Italy you can undergo a free quick test. This test results within 30 minutes. During these 30 minutes you will remain in “quarantine” at the airport.

Arrival by car:

Report your residence in Italy at the border town. You must have a test performed by the health department of that area within 48 hours. During that time until the result of the test, you will remain in home quarantine at your residence in Italy.

On arrival at your place of residence, you must register with the health service (ASL).

If complaints arise, you should also report this immediately to the health service and you will be quarantined at home.


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