Flavors from Abruzzo

In Abruzzo there is still a lot to discover in culinary recipes and there is an abundance of delicious local products to taste.

We would like to share a number of typical specialties with you. Of course you can taste and buy these delicacies when you are in Abruzzo, but it also tastes delicious at home !!

That is why we work together with the web store “Smaken van Abruzzo” (tastes from Abruzzo), so that you can also enjoy the delicacies from Abruzzo. Flavors from Abruzzo is a quality brand with a selective purchasing policy. Only the best products, of the highest quality, and with an organic, nature-friendly production method are selected for this. To this end, the suppliers are personally visited and tested.

Flavors from Abruzzo guarantee real olive oil that has not been spilled, real pure delicious wines, and also offers local specialties such as delicious liqueurs, truffles, confetti, honey, jams, sun-dried tomatoes, and pure natural tomato sauce without additives … Now for sale in our webshop!