Nature Cottage

The cottage stands amongst very old olive trees/in the middle of an ancient olive grove and is decorated in a classic rustic style.
It consists of a living room including a kitchen unit, fridge etc. and a bedroom for 2 people. The cottage/cabin can accommodate up to 3 people with the addition of a cot bed. For parties of 4 it is possible to pitch a tent near to the cottage/cabin. The contents of the cottage/cabin can accommodate up to 4 people.
The cabin is located in a secluded spot from the main campsite with a lot of privacy and its own terrace/porch. Open the doors whilst you enjoy your breakfast and let nature into your home.
Enjoying the wonderful Abruzzese life you can rotate around the log cabin with the sun, which at the end of the day slowly goes down between the magical peaks of the Apennines.


There is full access to water and electricity within the cabin.
Shower and toilet facilities can be found in the communal washing area.
There is a wood stove in the cabin for those cold cosy evenings when you want to build your own fire!

More information

For booking, prices or other information please take a look at the website Rocca di Sotto.