Searching a house during Corona lockdown

Are you staying at home as much as possible at the moment ? Dreaming about Italy, the warm sun, the sea, the hills? De olive groves and the fruit trees? Making your own limoncello from your own lemons? Maybe even your own allotment beside your house ? Or maybe you see yourself together with your partner or friends, sitting on the terrace drinking a glass of wine while enjoying the ocean view? Or are you looking for the tranquility, a nice detached house with a garden nearby a typical Italian village? Where in the morning the barista gets you your own cappucino ? Or are you dreaming of a nice apartment near the sea ?

At this moment Italy is in “lockdown”. Also in Belgium and the Netherlands the advice is to stay at home as much as possible. It may sound strange, but after all of this is over, maybe you want to visit your own house in Italy. To enjoy the tranquility with eachother, the space, the lovely Italian cuisine, the beautiful nature, the friendly people, the immense art and culture of Italy and stroll around lovely village markets…

And that is possible. You can use your time at home to orientate and be clear about your wishes. We will send you some photos and videos from available property in Italy, which you can check at home in your own time. We will plan a video conference in which we can see eachother and discuss all of your questions. All the pre-work can simply be done online.

And even more than that. In case you have the feeling you want to continue with a property, that is possible. We will send you extensive video-previews, through which it seems as if you are visiting the property itself. You can see the location, the view and the inside of the house. (is everything correct technical, legal, architectural and in terms of permits). Our partners visit the property for an inspection on site. If desired you will receive an offer for renovation work. If you want to make an offer, we will completely organise that digitally. We will prepare the documents which have to be sent to the notary. We read and check the notarial deed and can also translate it for you. Depending on if you are able to travel to Italy at that time, we will organize an authorization for signing the deed. (of course with the exact text of the deed for which you give your authorization). This way you can buy the house of your dreams, even though you are still in the Netherlands or Belgium.

And if you are unable to travel to Italy, we can even coordinate the construction for you. We expect that construction can start again in the beginning of may (at least for the Abruzzo region). Depending on your wishes and type of constructio, your house can be ready even before the summer! This way you can travel to your own house immediately after the restrictive measures are relaxed. How nice would that be? Just a finishing decoration or modification and you can enjoy la dolce vita in Italy !

Watch our video: Searching and buying property in Corona lockdown


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