Selling your propery in Italy?

Selling your property in Italy?

If you have a property in Italy that you would like to sell, please contact us.

We have partners throughout Italy who can buy your property, so your property can be located throughout Italy. Naturally, your property will be published and promoted on the Abruzzo Casa website, housing portals in Italy, housing portals in the Netherlands, Belgium and England, international portals, and at the fairs and events we know about. We also search within our database of interested people whether there are search profiles that match your property. We can also sell your property if you are not or do not live in Italy yourself.

Sales process

  1. Fill in your details below and we will send you information about how we can buy your property.
  2. You return your ID and a completed authorization to us so that we can request relevant information and documents from your home.
  3. We give you an indication of the sales price and our sales conditions.
  4. By mutual agreement, we will draw up an order confirmation to buy your property.
  5. Photos and a video of your property are taken, description is drawn up and we collect (even more) documentation of your home.
  6. If everything is in order, your property will be published. Optionally on the Italian market, as well as on the international market and on the website of Abruzzo Casa Italy.
  7. If additional (technical or architectural) activities are required to sell your property, we will consult with you. We can also guide you or carry it out for you.
  8. You can opt for additional promotion with international newsletters, specific advertisements or campaigns in which your property is presented..
  9. We guide interested parties during viewings of your property. 
  10. We guide the bidding process and you decide whether to accept an offer.
  11. We do the preparations for the deed of sale at the notary. 
  12. If desired, the deed of sale can be translated. If you cannot be present at the signing of the deed, you can remotely authorize someone to sign the sale in Italy on your behalf. Of course you have already read the deed in its entirety and you know exactly what you are authorizing someone for.

Yes I am interested in selling my property in Italy: