Abruzzo Casa: Your house in the green heart of Italy, where the mountains, hills and the sea meet eachother.

Purchase guidance

Abruzzo Casa gives you English-speaking guidance throughout the search, purchase of new construction, existing construction or renovation of your (second) home in Italy, in the Abruzzo region. We can also support you with the rental or management of your property in Abruzzo.
We do this ourselves or in collaboration with our partners. Everything to provide you with the best possible service, without having to worry about permits, renovations or not knowing your way through the jungle of rules (the bureaucracy). This way you can enjoy the beauty of Abruzzo wonderfully and carefree, and you also get a good return on your investment.

Services together with our partners

We work with local specialists. Such as an engineer, geometra, contractors, accountants / tax specialists (commercialista), a language institute to learn good Italian on the spot, and we even offer excursions to the “highlights of Abruzzo”.

We also work with English and Dutch specialists with knowledge of Italy, especially in the field of international (tax) law. To see what the options are for your specific situation and wishes.

Get to know Abruzzo better

To get to know the beautiful region of Abruzzo, we regularly post on our Facebook page Abruzzo Casa Italy about sights and events in Italy.

On this website, at the Region Abruzzo page, we also provide all kinds of information about highlights, top 10 reasons to come to Abruzzo, excursions, and tips for campsites and holiday homes. For example, you can easily rent a holiday home or participate in an excursion, workshop, training or event to better discover Abruzzo.

This way you can enjoy the beautiful Abruzzo, and if you decide to buy a (holiday) home here, Abruzzo Casa offers you guidance and services in the search, purchase or renovation of your property in Abruzzo, Italy.